Embrace a Child, Embrace your Future ....

2017 Campaign!

 100 give $100!

We need 100 donors to give $100.00...will you help us reach our goal?!


Poverty, crime, abuse, broken families, loss of hope, and spiritual hunger are problems in every community. STOP these barriers from preventing our children from receiving the education they need to create the future they deserve.

Last year with your generosity and in-kind donations, we served over 3500 meals to families and 1600 snacks to children via our Educational Program. 

Undernourishment negatively affect people's health, productivity, sense of hope and well being. We proved People help People!

Let's feed, protect & educate our children.


Become a partner... 

$30 month or one-time $360.00

$50.00 month or one-time $600.00

$100 month or one-time $1200.00

listen to your heart, help us make a greater impact.

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 to P.O. Box 28557 Atlanta, GA 30358

All donations are tax-deductible.

Our children are counting on us!!!