Our donors allow us to help alleviate hunger for all ages and offer comprehensive classes and programs.

We have witnessed firsthand the impact the lack of literacy and resources has had on the families of the communities we serve, such as increased high school dropout rate,  high unemployment, and persistent poverty. We believe that by joining with partners like yourselves we can be the engine that drives change in the lives of the families in needed communities. As you Embrace a child, you help them Embrace their Future. So please partner with us to help make this change not only a possibility but a promise 


Help provide a "Summer Camp" experience for 10 Inner City Kids!

June 11 - July 13 (5 weeks)

$25.00 for 25 days

Your gift is appreciated!!

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 People Make It Happen

. . . Like you!


What a wonderful and selfless ministry! When I needed help most as a struggling graduate student, I was approached by Joann Dean who noticed how hard I was straining to look at the computer screen and in turn she blessed me with a check allowing me to get an eye exam and a pair of glasses. I was provided a referral to who could do the exam and afterwards received a continuous and caring follow up to ensure they helped me. All of this without even asking! This goes to show that God can bless the right person who will in turn bless you without you having to say a word... This was such an unexpected blessing for me! Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you so that you may continue to be a blessing to others!

"Thank you for doing this in our community."      10 year old Summer Camp participant


"Mrs. JoAnn you know you are changing people."  11 year old Afterschool participant. 


I met Ms. JoAnn in 2005 as a Hurricane Katrina survivor. She was SO pleasant and did everything she could to get me back on track in my life at that time. She assisted me with finding a job (not just any job), food, rental assistance and just PURE support. I felt a connection with her from that point to this one. She invited me to attend a Sister Circe. I was apprehensive at first because of experiences with past ladies groups/organizations. But, I put that fear behind me. I attended the very first Sister Circle and was blessed!! Sister Circle has Encouraged, Enlightened, and Enriched my life. Accountability is held in high esteem and for good cause. I thank God for Sister Circle!!                 

                                                                                                                           Serena Jones Palmer

"You are what we needed. Thank You!"      Roosevelt Park Management